We Reduce Fire Hazards

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We Reduce Fire Hazards

  • Chim-Scan Finds Hidden Damage
  • No-Mess Guarantee
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Interior and Exterior Evaluation
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Here's Why People Trust American Chimney...

We want to prove to you that we are the obvious choice when choosing a chimney or masonry repair company in the greater Cincinnati Ohio area.
We stand apart from the competition. Take 5 minutes and see if you don't agree.


Each Service man is trained to the National Chimney Sweeps Guild Standards and Educated in all NFPA-211 codes and recommendations so that each has the up to date knowledge to service your home properly and efficiently.

Reliable Employees

Our in-depth interview, background check screening and random drug-free testing program ensures that our technicians are trustworthy.

American Chimney & Masonry BBB Business Review

Great Business Standing

We’ve worked hard to build an outstanding reputation as the best in the business in our community. After over 30 years and 85,000+ customers, we are known for our integrity.

Quality That You Will See

After every sweep, if your flue allows, we provide a thorough video picture inspection using a unique video technology that we’ve worked to develop so that we can thoroughly inspect your chimney.

No Mess Guarantee

We guarantee that the interior and exterior of your home will be clean, orderly and without any soot or creosote staining or damage when we leave…100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

25 Point Evaluation

At American Chimney, we don’t take chances. We have a rigorous cleaning procedure to ensure quality controlled customer service.

On Time Arrival

We guarantee that we will arrive to your home within the scheduled time frame given. We will call you 30 minutes prior to our arrival upon request.

Customer References

Please read our Customer Reviews or give us a review of you own.