Need Insurance Coverage for Chimney Damages? We’re Here for You

As trusted chimney contractors in the Cincinnati area, we’re often asked what should be done after a big event – like a chimney fire, wind damage, tornado, or other natural disaster – causes damage to a chimney. Well, many of these are considered “sudden occurrences” and will be covered by your insurance company. 

But how can you go about getting what you need?

What Is a Sudden Occurrence?

First things first… what does “sudden occurrence” actually mean?

Most insurance policies do not cover normal wear and tear of the chimney. This might include waterproofing-related issues, spalling bricks, construction defaults, or clogs or damages that are a result of poor maintenance or neglect.

What they will cover is a sudden or accidental occurrence. “Sudden occurrence” or “accidental occurrence” essentially means that an event that was unexpected and unable to be prevented caused damage to the structure. 

In other words, if your chimney has been experiencing gradual masonry decay and deterioration and you never got it fixed, then any damages related to that won’t likely be covered. But if you experienced an event like a chimney fire, lightning strike, tornado, flood, earthquake, or something similar, your insurance is likely to help you out.

How Can American Chimney Help?

During situations like these, chimney professionals are almost always willing to come out and meet with an insurance agent or a homeowner to help with documentation and technical evaluations. Our policy is to never get ahead of the insurance agency and to follow their lead when it comes to the claim, providing whatever information they require along the way.

Remember – it is not the chimney professional’s job to defend the home owner’s claim or the insurance carrier. It’s their job to review observable facts and provide documentation that a person other than a trained professional couldn’t. If your insurance carrier denies the claim, you may elect to contact an attorney.

Documentation Is Key

No matter what kind of insurance you have, we urge you to document everything from the beginning to the very end of the process. Be sure to record the date the event occurred, the name of the professional(s) who came to your home to evaluate the situation, and the date(s) they completed the evaluation. The professional you’re working with should also be doing some documentation as well.

You’ll also want to be sure your insurance gives you a claim number.

Get the Coverage You Deserve – Work With Us

In our experience, most insurance companies are willing to work with you so long as you provide the documentation and information that they require. Work with our team of experts to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

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