Own a Prefab Chimney & Fireplace in Anderson? American Chimney Sweep and Masonry Can Help With Repairs

If you’ve invested in a prefab fireplace, then it’s important to ensure you get the most from it! We’re here to help those in Anderson, Loveland, Sharonville, West Chester, Richmond Center, Pennline, Sheffield Center, Riggs, Rowenton, Padanaram, and more with all of their prefabricated chimney and fireplace needs.

Prefabricated, or factory-built, fireplaces are known for their high efficiency levels. That said, in order for them to perform to the best of their ability, they need to be installed correctly and regularly maintained. And should damages occur, they need to be addressed right away.

Fortunately for folks in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, we have the experience and expert knowledge to help with it all. Whether you need firebox repairs, a new chase cover installed, troubleshooting completed, or something else, we’re the team to trust.

Let’s Talk Firebox Refractory Panels

Your prefab fireplace’s firebox refractory panels take on the brunt of the heat from your system, so they need to always be in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, they sometimes crack or become damaged. If this is the case for you, you’ll want to invest in repairs as soon as possible – and no fires should be lit until these repairs are complete.

Burning fires in fireboxes with damaged refractory panels can result in:

  • significant heat loss and inefficiency.
  • even more damage to the firebox (warping) and to the rest of the unit.
  • house fires when the heat transfers to combustibles.

As a general rule of thumb, here’s what we advise – if you can fit a dime or credit card into the cracks of your refractory panels, then it’s time to get them replaced.

Our Full List of Services

Prefabricated fireplace repairs aren’t all we handle for customers on Lawyer Road, Little Dry Run Road, Hunley Road, State Road, Nagel Road, 8 Mile Road, Clough Pike, Markley Road, Burney Lane, Bennett Road, Forest Road, Wolfangel Road, Five Mile Road, Asbury Road, 4 Mile Road, Sutton Road, Salem Road, Huntcrest Drive, Athenia Drive, Bretton Drive, Donnington Lane, and their surrounding areas.

You can also turn to us for the following:

Don’t Delay – Invest in Necessary Care Today

If your system is suffering, don’t delay necessary repairs. Doing so will only trigger more damage, and it could put your home – and those living in it – at risk if the fireplace is used.

If you live in or somewhere close to Gould, Steamburg, Denmark Center, Pierpont, North Richmond, South Denmark, Bulah, Dorset, Ollins Corners, Shipp, or Leon, reach out to us online or call 513-662-4600 now.