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There are lots of advantages to operating a wood-burning fireplace, but there’s a big downside too – creosote accumulation. Creosote is known for being flammable and can cause chimney fires if not regularly removed.

Fortunately for Cincinnati homeowners, we perform thorough chimney cleanings. Schedule yours with us today!

Can You Tell Me More About Creosote?

When the fumes from your fire reach the top of your flue, they cool, condense, and adhere to the walls of your chimney, forming creosote. Creosote can be light and dustry, crunchy and flaky, or tar-like and glazed (this type is the most flammable). No matter which type is in your system, removing it is essential, as the more you have, the higher your risk is for chimney fires.

What causes creosote to build up faster?

  • Sluggish Drafts: The slower your smoke is moving, the more creosote you’ll end up with. Basically, the longer it can linger, the more it can hang out and stick to the interior walls of your system. This is why it’s recommended to burn hotter, faster-burning fires. You’ll get more heat into your living space this way too.
  • Using Wet Wood: All of the wood you use in your fireplace should be properly seasoned and sufficiently dried out. Never burn pizza boxes, pine branches, newspapers, gift wrapping, or any trash, as these things encourage buildup and increase the likelihood of a chimney fire occurring.
  • Cold Flues: If your flue is cold to begin with, this can contribute to poor draft and encourage creosote to form. Try warming your flue before lighting a fire by igniting a rolled up newspaper and holding it inside of your chimney for a bit. We also recommended having a top-sealing damper installed, as this will keep your flue warmer when it’s not in use.
  • Wrongly Sized Chimney: Sometimes the chimney just isn’t sized appropriately to the type of appliance you’re using. In these cases, some reconstruction work may need to be done. We can help you find solutions – call us out for an inspection today!

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Need More Than Just a Cleaning? We’re Here to Help

We’re happy to provide our service area with chimney inspections, chimney cleanings, and even water heater and furnace flue cleanings. That said, sometimes these chimney services reveal the need for more exhaustive repairs.

If your system is facing damage, count on us for the following chimney repair services:

We Also Offer Installation Services

We also sell and install quality products, including wood & gas stoves, fireplace inserts, direct vent gas fireplaces, gas logs, and electric fireplaces. Trusting our professionals will ensure the job gets done right, so you don’t have to stress about inefficiency or fire hazards down the line.

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