Delhi Homeowners: American Chimney Sweep and Masonry Can Resolve Your Chimney Water Problems

Leak problems in the chimney are one of the biggest causes of inefficiency, decay, gas leaks, and fire hazards. If you live in or close to Placid Meadows, Eileen Gardens, Highland Park, Sunaire, Fashion Heights, Anderson Ferry, West Price Hill, Cincinnati, Sedamsville, or West Chester, trust our team to take care of it all.

When you combine water with your masonry chimney, the end results are never good. Unfortunately, safeguarding your system can be a bit of a challenge due to its location outside of your home. The good news is that we can resolve any issues your system comes across – then implement preventive measures to help you avoid them from recurring down the line.

How We Resolve Your Chimney Leak Problems

There are lots of reasons why your chimney may be leaking, and the best way to figure out what the issue is (and then how to address it) is to schedule a professional chimney inspection. At American Chimney, we’d be happy to look things over. 

Here are the repairs we typically perform to resolve leak-related problems:

  • Repointing/Tuckpointing: Once water gets into your brickwork and mortar, it starts breaking things down. And come winter and the freeze/thaw process, this damage only worsens. Repointing services are essential for strengthening your system and significantly improving its overall appearance.
  • Crown Repair: If your crown isn’t made from the right materials, it’ll break down. And once it’s damaged, it won’t be able to do its job of protecting your chimney from water. We can repair or rebuild your crown, so you don’t need to stress.
  • Chimney Waterproofing: Once crown and masonry repairs are completed, waterproofing is a must. This will prevent water from re-entering and restarting the whole deterioration process over again.
  • Flashing Repairs: We have the tools, know-how, and quality products to install or repair your chimney flashing. If this area is left vulnerable, your home and chimney will suffer, but we’d be glad to take a look and set you up right.
  • Chimney Cap Installation: When it comes to investing in chimney components, chimney caps are a no-brainer. They’re affordable, quick to install, and offer an invaluable level of protection from water, debris, animals, and more. Call today about finding the right fit for your system.


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When It Comes to Chimney Care, We Do It All

There’s no denying water is one of the biggest contributors to chimney damage. That said, it’s not the only reason your system may be suffering. That’s why fireplace owners need a company that can cover a wide range of chimney-related needs. We’re proud to offer:

And don’t forget to ask about our installation services. We install wood and gas stoves, fireplace inserts, direct vent gas fireplaces, gas logs, and electric fireplaces. Call to learn more.

Don’t Postpone Necessary Repairs

As professionals in this industry, we’ve seen our fair share of chimney issues – many of which could have been prevented if addressed earlier on. If you live in or somewhere surrounding Loveland, Blue Ash, Montgomery, Covedale, The Pines, Price Hill, Cotillion Village, Constance, or Villa Hills, call us 513-662-4600 or reach out online today.