American Chimney Sweep and Masonry Helps Loveland Homeowners Keep Animals Out of Their Flue

Hear a constant chirp, chirp, chirp coming from your flue? Or many it’s the scurrying sounds of little feet. Regardless, we’ve got ways to help you out. Homeowners in Montgomery, Blue Ash, Mason, Epworth Heights, Loveland Park, Branch Hill, Symmes, Butterworth, Landen, Miami Grove, Sundale, and more can count on us for it all.

Animals in your chimney can cause a long list of troublesome issues. Not only do they tend to be noisy and smelly, but they also bring in outside materials for nesting – all of which invites decay, deterioration, and clogging. In the end, while your chimney may seem like a great space to set up camp in their eyes, for you it’s less than ideal.

Preventing Animal Chimney Invasions

Now, preventing animals from entering your chimney is actually not so challenging or complicated. Once they’re out, it’s usually as easy as installing a chimney cap or top-sealing damper. Just make sure you get a cleaning completed first!

We also urge our customers to always invest in annual inspections to ensure everything is in good working order before starting their burning season. We can determine whether or not certain components need to be replaced, check for buildup, and make certain that no critters were able to find a way to sneak and wreak havoc.

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