Chimney Fire in Your Sharonville Home? Trust American Chimney Sweep and Masonry to Help

If you’ve experienced a chimney fire, it can be hard to know the best steps for moving forward and addressing repairs. Fortunately for families in Evendale, Grainthorpe, Gano, Kenridge, Glendale, Hazelwood, Crescentville, Lincoln Heights, Blue Ash, Delhi, Colerain, and more, we’re here to help.

Chimney fires are extremely damaging events that are most often caused by excessive creosote deposits in the flue. Discovering you’ve experienced a chimney fire can be alarming, but we’ve got guidance for moving forward and getting your system back into tip-top shape.

What to do After Experiencing a Chimney Fire

So, what can be done if you’ve experienced a chimney fire? First things first, do not put your fireplace to use. You’ve likely experienced some extensive damage that needs to be addressed before any fires are lit. Doing so would very likely increase your risk of experiencing gas leaks, smoke exposure, or a full-on house fire.

Next steps?

  • Call your insurance company and see what type of coverage they’ll offer – and what type of documentation you’ll need to provide.
  • Call in our techs to perform a thorough examination and to help you properly document damage and create timelines.
  • After you’ve worked it out with your insurance company, schedule necessary repairs with us to get your system back in working order.

And once you’re up and running again? Well, be sure to never put off your chimney cleanings down the line. The risk of experiencing chimney fires increases dramatically when homeowners neglect regular professional care.

Can American Chimney Help With All of My Chimney Needs?

Once we help with one service and customers experience our top-notch customer service first hand, they tend to ask if we can help them with all of their chimney needs. And our answer? You bet! Turn to us for any of the following:

We travel to homes on Crescentville Road, Mosteller Road, Medallion Drive, Chester Road, Chesterdale Road, Kemper Road, Reading Road, Creek Road, Cornell Road, Wyscarver Road, Fields Ertel Road, Main Street, Malaer Drive, Concerto Drive, Beekley Woods Drive, Sharonview Drive, Mefford Lane, and more – call us out to yours today!

We’re Knowledgeable, Professional & Experienced

We’ve got 40 years of experience under our belts, rely on National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards in all of our training, and we always take the needs, wishes, and budget of our customers into account. If you need care in Cincinnati, Lockland, Barwyn Acres, Dillonvale, Reading, Fairwind Acres, Dillionvale, Woodlawn, Brecon, or anywhere else nearby, we’re the team to trust.

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