Are You Using Seasoned Firewood? American Chimney Sweep and Masonry Has Tips for White Oak Fireplace Owners

Burning seasoned firewood not only produces more heat and minimizes smoke output… It also reduces chimney buildup and makes your system safer for use. We’ve got firewood tips for homeowners in Cincinnati, Colerain, Mason, Montgomery, Monfort Heights, Colerain Heights, Fox Acres, Galaxy Acres, Dornbusch, Mount Airy, Skyline Acres, and more.

If you have a fireplace, then you likely know that you’re not supposed to throw trash, unseasoned logs, treated wood, cardboard, or pretty much anything other than seasoned firewood into your fires. But do you know why?

Burning these items can cause toxic fumes and smoke to cling to the inner walls of your chimney, which then encourages creosote buildup and increases your risk of experiencing chimney fires. Along with this, more smoke tends to form with unseasoned wood, and your fires won’t burn as hot, either – both of which affect your fireplace experience.

Needless to say, burning only seasoned wood is vital to keeping your chimney in good health.

Tips for Seasoning Your Own Firewood

Looking to season your own firewood? Here are some tips to help you along:

  • Cut your wood into a variety of sizes but no wider than a 6″ inch wedge.
  • The pieces should be cut short to allow the logs to dry out faster.
  • Stack your wood away from your home to avoid pest infestation in your living areas.
  • Put your wood pile on pallets or in a shed with a raised floor and open sides.
  • Cover the wood with a tarp or a reliable roof – but keep the sides exposed.
  • Give the wood enough time to dry. (Softer woods take about 6 months, harder woods take about a year.)

If the wood is cracking on the end, this generally means that it’s dry enough to burn. It should look weathered, sound hollow when smacked against another piece, and be lightweight. Or, if you want the most accurate reading, use a moisture meter. These affordable devices quickly tell you the water content in a piece of wood. It should be between 15% and 25%.

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