My fireplace isnt functional. What can I do?

See all the options with your fireplace!

Why do we recommend this?

Putting candles in your fireplace is an easy way to add ambiance and comfort to the home without the hassle or lighting the fire or lugging wood. Of course there are some precaution when lighting anything on fire. Of course you need to ensure there is nothing that would catch fire. You may consider having a professional out to just clean the space.

Picture is a fireplace with a mirror behind lit candles
Mirror behind candles for more ambiance

You can also place a mirror behind the candles in the fireplace to add more of a depth effect. If you do not want to clean any wax off the firebox floor we recommend using a candle holder, or even a glass plate under the candle can help any possible mess.

Adding a candle to the fireplace here or there will make a room feel more comfortable and cozy, almost therapeutic. LED candles are just as good as normal candles. You may want to look into the LED candles if there are children, or pets around, rather than open flame candles.

If you want to learn more about your fireplace visit AskTheChimneySweep Blog for a lot more information!

You can also schedule us to come out and clean that firebox out for candle burning.

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