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For your yearly chimney cleaning, trust the experts in Chimney cleaning: American Chimney!

To assure the best service, we train our technicians to the NCSG standards and all NFPA-211 codes. We design our equipment for every type of chimney, whether a large fireplace, furnace flue or factory built system.


We remove all brush-able creosote and soot without damage to the fireplace or chimney. This includes the elbows in factory built chimneys or connector pipes, which can become separated by using improperly sized or inappropriate brushes or rods. We do the work both from the outside and inside the home. This is done using proven methods to assure that no soot or creosote escapes into the room. Drop cloths, rug runners, a high speed vacuum, tarps over the fireplace and shoe covers allow us to guarantee mess-free cleaning! We remove all soot and creosote during the cleaning process of the smoke shelf and firebox.

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The first thing we evaluate is where the water is showing up. This gives us an indication of where to begin looking for the water entry point. We examine the flashing, the roof around the chimney, the chimney cap and of course the condition of the chimney itself. We can even examine the resistance to water of the brick and mortar itself. This type of comprehensive approach allows us to make intelligent recommendations rather than just trying to make a quick sale and be on our way. Our technicians will go over with you their findings and make appropriate recommendations based on those findings.

Water penetration can lead to damage costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair. Don’t let this problem go unresolved. ChimneySaver Water Repellent will waterproof your exterior masonry and is guaranteed to last for 10 years.

Why You Should Use American Chimney


Our certified technicians have the experience to do your job right.


We show up when we say are going to, and we will get the job done.


Our friendly techs follow all the latest guidance in cleanliness to keep you safe.

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This is the way SERVICE should be. I called for an appointment and a date was set, the representative for American Chimney explained exactly what they would do to clean and light/repair my gas fire logs and the price. They showed up timely, and did exactly what was promised. Best service and I highly recommend them! Very dependable and personable.

Jan B.

My experience was very positive with America Chimney Sweep and Masonry. We had them out at the end of winter to make sure our chimney was cleaned out and ready for next time around. They did a great job and we plan on using them again!

Fred A.

American Chimney Sweep and Masonry came to our home today to conduct an inspection to see where water could be entering our house around our chimney. The team that came out was thorough, knowledgeable, and efficient, fixing possible sources of water entry immediately and providing estimates on other chimney repair work and maintenance. I was impressed with their expertise and desire to fix the problem!

Mike G.

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