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The chimney damper is the part of your chimney that opens up to let smoke and fumes out when fires are going strong, and then closes to ensure no winds and downdrafts swoop into your home – or that heat escapes – when the fire is out.

The problem most find with their damper is that it isn’t sealing effectively during these off times. And if your fireplace is one that does not have a well-fitted damper in place, it’s safe to say you’ll be pumping significant dollars up your chimney in wasted energy costs.

What Are My Chimney Damper Options?

Fortunately for Cincinnati homeowners, we’ve got great damper options for you.

  • Throat Dampers: These are the most traditional type of damper, and they’re located at the base of your chimney, above the firebox. These can do an effective job, but tend to run into problems from time to time, whether that’s rusting shut, getting off track, getting stuck open, or just not providing an effective seal. That’s why most sweep nowadays will recommend a top-sealing damper.
  • Top-Sealing Dampers: At American Chimney, we often recommend top-sealing dampers because they sit at the top of the flue and seal tightly, effectively preventing your conditioned or heated air from exiting the home through the chimney. They also keep your flue warm when not in use, which will make your fires easier to start – and reduces the risk of smoke being pushed back into your home.
  • Damper-Cap Combinations: Like top-sealing dampers, these options are located at the top of the chimney, and come with a chimney cap attached – which helps to prevent rain and critters from entering the chimney. It essentially adds an extra layer of defense, ensuring you get that quality protection, while reaping the benefits of top-sealing damper.

Like we said, we typically recommend switching to one of our top-sealing options if your throat damper is giving you trouble. That said, we’re also equipped to offer effective repairs, no matter which system you currently have.

If your damper needs some professional care, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

And if you’re already facing damages due to a faulty damper? We can help with that too. We offer leaky chimney repairs, masonry repairs, relining services, and more.

What Is My Damper Made Of?

Dampers can come in a variety of materials, but we believe stainless steel is always the best choice to go with. Stainless steel does not rust, it lasts for a long time, and it won’t cause a huge dent in your bank account. Essentially, it gives you the most bang for your buck and will offer you the longest lifetime before repairs or a replacement becomes necessary.

And on that note… We strongly urge our customers to avoid dampers that are made from unreliable materials. These are more prone to rust out or break down quickly, leaving you without that top-notch shield. Also, never invest in a damper that looks like it could allow water to pool, as this can trigger damage too.

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