We Address Firebox Damages With Repointing & Rebuilding Services

The firebox is where the main show happens. It’s where your fires are lit, and it’s the area of your system that faces the most heat. Which also means that it’s an area that needs to be in top shape for your fireplace to run safely and efficiently.

Fortunately, our qualified and professional team of experts can handle any repairs your firebox needs.

Does Your Firebox Need Tuckpointing?

If you have a masonry chimney, then you’ve likely heard of repointing or tuckpointing, which is the process of removing old mortar joints and replacing them with new materials. But did you know your firebox may need repointing services too?

If any of the bricks are loose, or if any of the mortar joints are eroded back more than 1/2 inch, it may be time for a repair – and soon.

Why are swift repairs important here? If the mortar joints inside of your firebox are breaking down, you could be more prone to experience fire hazards and air/gas leaks, and your system won’t function as efficiently, either. This not only impacts your fireplace experience, but it puts the people in your home in potential danger, as well.

That said, because the firebox faces such high temperatures and direct contact with flames, not just any material can be used in this area. Here at American Chimney, our certified techs use a product called Fire Clay. 

Fire Clay isn’t a cement or a basic caulking material. It’s a clay designed specifically for these higher-temperature settings. As your fires are lit and put out, your bricks and metal damper expand and contract. Some mortars would break down as this occurs, but not Fire Clay. Rather, it’s designed to expand and contract with the firebox materials, ensuring your firebox stays in good condition through it all.

Concerned About the State of Your Firebox?

If your firebox bricks and mortar seem to be breaking down, don’t wait to call us in – and definitely don’t put your fireplace to use. Our techs would be happy to perform a thorough inspection, then recommend the next best steps.

Call today at 513-474-1158 or you can reach out through our website. Thanks for relying on us!