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Did you know that approximately 70% of electricity is lost in generation and transportation? That makes electric-powered appliances only about 30% efficient. Pretty shocking, right?

But here’s another surprising statistic… Gas extraction and transportation creates only about a 10% loss – meaning your gas-fueled appliance is around 90% efficient. With those facts in mind, it’s no wonder so many are switching gas-fueled heating systems nowadays. But you can only get these high efficiency levels if your system is properly maintained. 

Fortunately for folks in the Cincinnati area, that’s just what we’re here for.

What Will My Gas Appliance Service Include?

Servicing your gas appliance regularly ensures maximum efficiency and helps to prevent any further problems from occurring – all of which may be costly and time-consuming to fix. In fact, many assume that gas systems don’t need the recommended annual inspections, but this is far from true. Any chimney – no matter which fuel is vented through it – should be inspected before the start of every burning season.

So, what do we cover during these services?

  • If the system previously burned wood, any loose/remaining creosote will be brushed out.
  • Any remaining debris in the firebox will be gently removed. 
  • Each log will be carefully removed, cleaned, and placed safely on a tarp outside of the firebox.
  • The gas piping will be inspected for any damage or leakage using a gas detector.
  • The damper valve will be checked to ensure it is functioning properly and that the damper cannot close on accident while the logs are operating.
  • The sand in the burner pan (where the flames are actually produced) will be spread evenly so that your flames look flawless.

Then, after taking care of technical aspects and ensuring that no leaks are present in the gas line, the logs are reassembled. We can then spray them with a gas log soot remover to remove any lingering soot or debris. Finally, the technician will make any last minute adjustments to flame height and then… the service is complete!

Note: You must have an operable flue system through which to vent a gas appliance. It cannot be damaged, and it should be capped with a stainless steel chimney cap to prevent debris and critters from getting in and causing blockages. Clogs can allow gases into the home, which can create a dangerous – or even deadly – situation.

Why Gas Over Wood?

Now, not only are gas-fueled systems highly efficient, but they are also known for their convenience. We understand the charm of a wood-burning fireplace – crackling wood and the sweet aroma of burning wood is hard to beat – but it’s also hard to beat the convenience of flipping a switch and having a cozy fire warming up your space.

Wood-burning appliances require building the fire, stoking and feeding the flames, and then properly extinguishing everything at the end of the evening. All of these steps can be stressful, time-consuming, and unpleasant – especially fetching wood from the outdoor woodpile when it’s cold and snowy.

With gas there are no messy wood piles, no ash piles to scoop, and no stressing about stray sparks jumping into your home and causing damage. To top it all off, gas logs nowadays look just as natural and real as a wood-burning fire. It’s hard to find a case against them!

Ready to make the switch? We can help you every step of the way. Give our installation experts a holler today.

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