Every Cincinnati Chimney Needs a Chimney Cap

All too often, we come across chimney caps that aren’t appropriately fitted to the chimney they’re meant to protect. Fortunately, when you trust the crew at American Chimney and Masonry, you won’t have to worry about this. We follow the high standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and our techs have the expertise to recommend and install the right chimney cap for your needs.

We install:

  • specialty or custom caps (for large or unusual-sized chimneys)
  • outside mount caps
  • copper caps
  • wind directional and draft-inducing caps
  • UL listed caps for manufactured fireplaces
  • damper caps that help prevent heat loss and reduce heating bills

Why Are Chimney Caps Important?

  • They block rain & moisture. A chimney cap prevents rain, sleet, ice, and snow from entering the chimney. Excess moisture can cause rust, firebox damage, spalling, rotted woodwork, mold growth, and more – all of which require expensive repairs.
  • They keep out birds & animals. A properly installed chimney cap should not allow birds, bats, squirrels, or any other animals to enter the chimney. Since these critters are known for building nests, attracting pests, and creating odors, keeping them out of your chimney is a must.
  • They discourage backdrafts. On those especially windy days, a chimney cap will discourage downdrafts. Some caps are specifically designed to prevent wind from blowing across the chimney, while others actually create their own updraft. Ask us about your options!
  • They arrest sparks. Many chimney caps include an 18-gauge wire mesh cover to prevent any stray sparks or large pieces of ash from blowing out of the chimney and creating fire hazards on your rooftop.

Which Cap Is Best?

While the caps our customers need may vary, one we tend to recommend the most is the outside mount cap. It goes down the skirt of the top brick, which means it’s not just mounted to the top – it actually hangs over. It’s also a larger canopy, meaning you’re guaranteed that protection you’re seeking.

We can customize an outside mount cap to your chimney’s measurements, ensuring the most thorough and reliable protection possible.

Put Your Chimney in the Hands of Our Experts

Call our technicians at 513-662-4600 or reach out online to discuss which chimney cap is the best for you.