Don’t Call a Roofer – Our Flashing Repair Services Are Unparalleled

One of the biggest problems we come across with flashing is that it wasn’t installed correctly to begin with. Sometimes the materials were cut or installed wrong, while other times the completely wrong materials were used to begin with. Fortunately, our team is equipped to fix any chimney flashing-related problems you may be experiencing.

What Is Chimney Flashing?

Flashing is the metal coating that protects the area where the roof meets the chimney. The roof and the chimney are made of different materials, built to different standards, and they are each addressed by a different type of expert. Because of this, we can’t count on them to expand and contract uniformly.

Fortunately, we can put flashing in place to ensure this area is still protected from water penetration – even when gaps may be present.

There are two kinds of flashing:

  • Step Flashing: Step flashing goes up on the deck of the system and sits under the shingles.
  • Counter Flashing: Counter flashing goes from the masonry surface all the way down to the roof. It’s movable in that it can expand and contract as your roof and chimney do.

Both are needed to ensure a tight, waterproof seal. All too often, we come across systems that only have counter flashing and are therefore left vulnerable to water penetration. When you work with our crew, we can get you exactly where you need to be.

Ask About FlashSeal

FlashSeal can be a great alternative to regular flashing installation.

With the method, a mesh material is placed at the base of the chimney, then it is coated with the FlashSeal product.

In the end, your chimney is left with a flexible and waterproofed seal – like it has its own pair of rubber boots – that will keep water out for the long haul.

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We’re Leak Resolution Experts

If you have water problems in your attic and your chimney is the cause, you can’t just walk away from it. These have to be addressed – and promptly!

When it comes to solving chimney leak prevention, we are one of the top contenders in the Cincinnati area, and we have the courtesy to get back to you right away when you reach out to our crew. Call 513-662-4600, or you can send a message through our site and we’ll be in touch.