Damaged Chimney Masonry? We Offer Tuckpointing, Waterproofing & More

American Chimney & Masonry offers a variety of masonry repairs to keep your fireplace and chimney operating at its best. Whether you’re experiencing loose and flaky mortar, missing bricks, freeze/thaw-related cracking, or something else, we’ve got the knowledge and tools to get your system back into tip-top shape.

The Freeze/Thaw Process & Your Chimney

Water is already one of your system’s biggest foes and can cause a lot of damage to unprotected bricks and mortar – and when temperatures drop, these issues will only get worse. This is due to the freeze/thaw process.

The freeze/thaw process is a vicious cycle that occurs in areas with cold winters, like here in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. What happens is masonry systems that weren’t professionally waterproofed are left to soak in water from snow, rain, and sleet. Once temps go below freezing, this water turns to ice and expands, causing your masonry to crack.

Throughout the cold months, water fills into the new cracks, freezes, expands, and thaws multiple times, meaning you’ll be ending your burning season with a lot more damage than you started with. Fortunately, our crew is equipped to address these damages, then protect your system so they don’t recur again down the line.

Turn to Us for Repointing/Tuckpointing & Brick Replacement

See spalling bricks and water problems throughout your chimney and aren’t sure what to do about it? Well, it’s not as simple as caulking a few gaps and adding some new bricks. Brick supplies aren’t the same as they were 50 years ago, so if your home is older, finding a complimentary size, shape, and color (or range of colors) can be a challenge. Fortunately, our techs have the tools, resources, and knowledge to handle it.

If your bricks are missing or your mortar joints are falling out, there’s no time to waste. These types of damages will only get worse with time, eventually making your system unsafe for use. Tuckpointing and brick replacement doesn’t have to break the bank, but the longer you hold off, the more expensive your repair job is going to get.

We Offer Chimney Restoration & Reconstruction Services

At American Chimney and Masonry, we always perform detailed and all-encompassing overviews of your system, and we’re happy to address and fix any issues we come across. That said, some systems are simply beyond basic repairs. In these situations, we’ll recommend a rebuild or reconstruction job.

This may sound like an overwhelming thing to consider, but rest assured, our team makes the process smooth and seamless. We’ll go over the best course of action, figure out which approach would best fit your needs and budget, then get the job done in a timely manner. As a family-owned company, we’ll always put your peace of mind first.

Trust Our Masons With Your Home & Chimney

We have a full time staff of masons that specialize in diagnosing and repairing any type of masonry problem. Whether the chimney is in need of minor repairs or a complete restoration, our certified and experienced experts are trained to help you determine the appropriate course of action.

We know how scaffolding should be set up, can figure out how much damage you have, note whether or not there’s any hidden issues, and more. For a comprehensive take on your masonry needs, trust in us for it all. Call 513-474-1158 or fill out the form on our site to book your appointment.