Does Your Water Heater or Furnace Flue Need Cleaning? Rely On Us

When we mention chimney cleanings, what’s the first thing you think of? Probably just your basic fireplace chimney, right? But it’s important to keep in mind that your water heater and furnace need to vent through a flue too – and failing to remember this is why so many run into issues with these appliances over time.

Why Do These Need Cleaning?

These flues are designed to direct fumes and toxins out of your home, so your household stays cleaner and safer. And just like your fireplace flue, buildup can occur which then inhibits it from doing its job.

A thorough cleaning can get out any debris that’s built up, so you don’t experience clogs, inefficiency, and harmful gases (like carbon monoxide) entering your home.

We can also help resolve any issues you may be experiencing with poor draft or excess moisture. While these can be a result of a dirty flue, it could also may have to do with the size of it. Regardless, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Won’t My Water Heater/Furnace Tech Cover All of This?

Many assume their water heater or furnace service technician will cover all of this if they come out to repair something, but cleanings aren’t actually part of their job. They may know all of the ins and outs of the furnace or water heater system, but when it comes to the chimney… well, that’s our specialty!

Should These Flues Be Inspected Annually Too?

You bet. Just like with your fireplace, the safest option is always going to be investing in annual inspections. Not all chimney companies specialize in this (many only focus on the fireplace side of stuff), but that’s not the case with American Chimney. For folks in the Cincinnati area, that means you can make us your one-stop shop for everything.

So, don’t waste time calling multiple companies – count on us for it all!

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