Clogged Vents Affecting Your Dryer’s Performance? Give Us a Call

So, you’ve run a load of clothes through a drying cycle only to come back and discover they’re still damp. So, you run it again… and maybe even one more time… until they finally come out dry and ready to be put away.

This not only eats up your time, but it ups your energy bills and it puts a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on your clothes too.

Now, your first thought is probably that you need a new dryer, but we urge you to pump the brakes for a minute and consider your vents. Did you know that clogged dryer vents can lead to…

  • dryer inefficiency (which is why you’d be running it so many times…)
  • fire hazards
  • overheated laundry rooms
  • musty/hot odors
  • increased risk of gas leaks
  • …and more?

If you’re concerned at all about the state of your dryer, consider scheduling a vent cleaning before making any other repairs or replacements. Some affordable routine maintenance could be all you need!

Always Trust a Professional

As with your chimney, when it comes to cleaning out dryer vents, we always urge you to hire a team that’s experienced in the field and puts your safety first. Many homeowners think this is a job they can DIY (and there are even kits online for purchase), but if anything goes wrong, your risk of experiencing a dryer fire, a carbon monoxide leak, or some type of damage will go up significantly.

When it comes to issues as serious as these, we don’t encourage taking any chances. Rely on a qualified crew to get the job done right so that you can rest easier.


We offer levels 1, 2, & 3 chimney inspections so you never have to worry if our chimney services can find and fix the problem.