Direct vent fireplaces are a very efficient type of gas fireplace. Although gas fireplaces have been reliable in the past, direct venting is even better.

The primary differences between direct-vent and traditional gas fireplaces are efficiency, safety, and versatility.  Vented gas fireplaces work by using the outside air instead of air inside of the home for combustion.  The air comes in through a double vent pipe’s outer chamber. It’s still inside the chamber used to send exhaust fumes outside the home.  The warm air then creates a loop that leaves the pipe and dense, cooler air is brought in.

Displaying a Enviro direct vent gas fireplace.
Enviro fireplace

This method of operation is far more efficient compared to traditional gas fireplaces.

Because of the direct-vent technology, these fireplaces can be placed virtually anywhere. As long as they are in the instant zone heating such as kitchens, bedrooms, and main rooms. When looking for these fireplaces, you’ll quickly realize that there are perfect sizes and styles that you can find for any room.

How to service a direct vent fireplace

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