You Can Still Get Heat & Ambiance Without the Chimney – Invest in an Electric Fireplace Today

A common complaint we get is… I want a fireplace, but I have no chimney. 

Fortunately, there’s an option for those without a venting system – or who don’t want to spend the money on one.

We offer affordable electric fireplaces that look great, work efficiently, and the only thing they require is an outlet nearby. Just plug them in and you’re good to go – no chimney or flue needed.

Electric Fireplaces Are a Great Choice

Now, when considering the advantages of electric fireplaces, not needing a chimney is a huge draw. But they offer so much more than that too. Some other benefits include:

  • They burn cleanly. No ash, no smoke byproducts, and no toxic fumes.
  • The flame pattern looks very realistic. This is a common worry – will it actually look like a real fire? Let us assure you… it gets pretty darn close. You won’t have trouble getting that cozy, classic ambiance you’re hoping for.
  • They’re portable and easy to move. Electric options aren’t attached to a chimney, so they’re fairly easy to move, if needed. They can also be installed into cabinetry or non-functioning fireplaces.
  • They’re reasonably inexpensive to operate. No worries about breaking the bank trying to afford fuel.
  • They’re easy to use. Not sure how to build a fire? No worries. With an electric fireplace, you simply need to switch them on. You’ll also be able to easily control the heat output, and many come with a remote control.
  • They don’t produce fumes or carbon monoxide. These don’t produce fumes, smoke, or other vapors, so you won’t have to worry about life-threatening gases (like carbon monoxide) entering your home.
  • No stressing about combustibles. Since electric fireplaces don’t produce fire, you can easily decorate around it or use the mantel of your choice – without having to worry about anything igniting.

A Great Look for a Great Value

Let’s get started! Getting the fireplace setup of your dreams is as easy as picking up the phone and giving our team of reliable, professional, and friendly experts a call today. Dial 513-474-1158 or reach out to us online now.