Shiny cooper chimney cap
Copper Outside Mount Cap

Custom Caps:

Outside mount chimney caps come with a “skirt” which is placed over the top of the chimney to fit like the lid of a shoebox. To clarify, the skirt protects the corners of the chimney and the kicker edge helps deflect water away from the sides of the chimney. Like an “umbrella”, the lid is larger around than the chimney, to protect it from water.

The screen sides are at least 10″ high ( due to code) to provide sufficient venting space or they can be made higher if requested, to accommodate tall flue tiles, top seal dampers, or other variables on the top of the chimney.

Caps are attached with stainless steel “tapcon” connectors (screw-like). Which are driven through the sides of the skirt and into the masonry (so there are no holes in the flat part of the skirt which could possibly allow water)

Lids can be “flat” or “hip and ridge”, which has a sharper angle (like the roof of a house), and decorative seams (or “ridges”) along with the angles (or “hips”) of the roof. The beautiful, high-end “hip and ridge” diverts water more than the flat lid would.

outside mounted cap from barnhill
Outside Mounted Cap

Barnhill Warranty

American Chimney’s as well as Barnhill’s custom stainless steel and copper chimney caps are made of 24-gauge or higher metal. They are handmade, locally, in Lexington, KY in our manufacturers’ metal fab shop. We stand behind their caps and covers and guarantee them for a lifetime.

This Barnhill warranty protects against materials, defects in installation, and workmanship only. This does not cover damage due to wind storms, earthquakes, other sudden occurrences, and similar factors.

Check out this video provided by our custom cap manufacturer! This is an extremely good investment!

In conclusion, if you still have questions about Barnhill, check out our Ask the Chimney Blogs!

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